Protecting Our Bluff

Save Our Bluffs is in complete opposition to any potential development and destruction of the bluff and its magnificent sensitive coastal habitat. This property maintains wildlife connectivity with Batiquitos Lagoon and surrounding open and native space which connects to Encinitas Creek, into the lagoon, and out to the Pacific Coastline. The bluff's natural topography and prominent landscape character is highly visible from the I-5 Corridor and the Batiquitos Lagoon, which significantly contributes to scenic quality and provides tremendous aesthetic value to our community.

A developer is seeking to build a large number of homes on the bluff at the corner of Skyloft Road and Piraeus Street overlooking the Batiquitos Lagoon - this would devastate the aesthetic and environmental value of this sensitive land, and result in more traffic, runoff, sewage and serious safety issues for all local residents.

Together we can save this invaluable bluff property bordering the Batiquitos Lagoon!